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Jess Taylor ND

Traditional Naturopathic Consultation (Jessie-Mae)

Traditional Naturopathic Consultation (Jessie-Mae)

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Jessie Mae is a registered Traditional Naturopath with over a decade and a half of experience in the industry of Natural Healthcare. 

Your appointment is done through a secure virtual platform and is accessible without downloading any programs or creating an account. It’s a simple “click” of the secured link and you’ll find yourself in the waiting room where your practitioner will join you via video chat when she’s ready. The platform has tools such as drag and drop questionnaires and pdfs to expand your sessions abilities. 

Your visit can explore ways to find relief of painful inflammatory conditions, hormone related symptom management including those relative to PCOS, postpartum & menopause, metabolic disturbances including GERD, gut biome health, chronic heartburn and reflux as well as bowel irregularities (constipation or diarrhea). Mental health disorders including PTSD, moderate depression & anxiety, sleep disturbances, weight loss/management, food intolerance studies and various analysis reports. 

Dietary modifications which may or may not include meal packages/planning, homeopathic, Bach flower & herbal remedies, art and sound therapy as well as movement therapy with eurythmic inspirations are some of the ways your Naturopath will assist you during your time together. 

Each session space is for one hour of one on one attention. Sometimes we need to utilize the entire hour and sometimes we can come up with or modify our wellness approach in a matter of 15-30 minutes. You will only be billed for your time in session. Visits are covered by 98% of extended health plans in Newfoundland and 80% federally in Canada. Those uninsured can use their receipts of healthcare as a tax credit at income tax time. 


60 minutes: $100

30 minutes: $60

15 minutes or less $30 

You will be sent a link for accessing your appointment to the cell number you provide at the time of booking (or email if you prefer).

This link will be sent the evening prior to your appointment.

After your session is complete you will receive a completed “Wellness Plan or Wellness Notes” along with your invoice within 48 hours.

Please pay your invoice within 24 hours of receipt via e-transfer to 

If you are international and require invoicing through our point of sale you will be sent your invoice link for direct payment ** (Please note, international clients are billed at the same dollar amounts but in USD currency)

If you have any questions please click the chat bubble in the bottom left corner to talk with someone now. 

Remember, you don’t have to be sick to feel better. Find harmony in your health, today. 

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